Who needs rowing? Run to catch your wave! [VIDEO]

Imagine being able to walk from shore to the surf brake, take your wave to the beach, then just walk back up? Learning to surf would become a completely different experience, and avid surfers could take twice as many waves on a good day. And this concept shot by Volcom in Bali proves that this idea has the potential to change the way the broad public accesses surfing. It is also a spectacular piece of promotion for the brand:

In this amazing video, you see a floating dock build by the Volcom team on a surf break in Bali, and the Professional surfers of the team (such as Ozzie Wright or Noa Dean) having way to much fun on the apparatus. The dock is 30 meters (100 feet) long, weights half a ton of plastic, and met a premature end before long, confronted to the power of these waves.

“The dock’s been scary,” said Ozzie Wright to Stab Magazine. “At one stage I just came up, got my board and saw it coming right at me. I like the chaos of it. The whole time everybody was like, “Where are we going!? Where are we going!? That was the fun bit. I kept thinking what if the tip was on the beach at a little shorey? No paddling, just run out, jump on a wave surf it to the beach then run back out and jump on another one. That’d be so much fun.”

The result is indeed mind blowing, and hopefully it will inspire the creation of a more permanent structure on a nice, small, beach break for beginners.

(credit for the cover picture: Volcom and Stab Magazine)


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