She navigates the world and sees it changing

Climate change is, indeed, one of the greatest challenges we, Pacificans, have to face… Jenna Ishii did experience it in real life, while she was sailing on Hokule’a, the double-hulled traditional sailing Polynesian (Hawaiian) vaka. Member of the Polynesian voyaging society, she engaged in the journey as a apprentice navigator.


During the seafaring, she noticed how the weather conditions were quite harsh. According to Radio New-Zealand, she reported, in her own words : “Once we left the Pacific, everything changed, and all the forecasts were changing with us. Because it was one of the hottest years with El nino and so that really changed our sail plan and it made us be aware that we can’t just rely on the old data that this earth is changing and that it was really important to share that this world is changing and that we really have to pay attention now.”


Learn more about the return of Hokule’a in Hawaii.



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