Private concerts in kiwi “sky” Gondola

GondolaSessions is a Youtube Channel we stumbled upon one day and found the idea amazing. Those guys invite bands to take a trip into the sky gondolas of Aotearoa for a private jam session. Between the magnificent landscapes of New Zealand and the music playing live in such an intimate space, the trip is always a shot of inspiration.

You also get to know, almost personally, the guest artist or band. Each video is a real pleasure to watch. Just imagine a friendly jam session in a sort of acoustic bubble, suspended between sky, water and earth.

Check out the GondolaSessions Channel, and if you don’t know how to begin, we recommend this video, with a very talented singer, musician and mixer: Mike Love.


We will soon post more news and videos on that fellow, who creates great inspirational sounds. To keep up, join us on Facebook: @PacificansMagazine.


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