Polynesian women take the lead with the Tahiti Women’s Forum

Innovation and entrepreneurship driven by women is a decidedly major socioeconomic trend in French Polynesia and more broadly throughout the Pacific islands.

In order to mobilize and inspire women to innovate and create their economic activities, a private initiative named Tahiti Women’s Forum has been launched in Tahiti mid 2017. Its objective: to set up a one day event that will host a conference, round tables and workshops on innovation and leadership. Women speakers from both the private sector and civil society will address these issues, putting them in a Polynesian perspective.

The Forum will also allow the attendees to get a free coaching session (upon registration) and provide the participants with an opportunity to network.

The 2017 edition of the Forum: Innovation and leadership, “women’s way”, will take place on the 24th of October in Tahiti, at the Intercontinental Hotel. The event is open to all upon registration. Free entrance tickets* are available on Eventbrite. However, the number of places are limited.

Tahiti Women’s Forum is a non profit organization run by two women passionate with management, innovation and social change topics. The purpose of the organization is to consider new perspectives on social, cultural and economic issues from a women’s standpoint, to strengthen the women’s influence in the area and to roll out an annual event in order to encourage women’s initiatives in the private sector and civil society.

Tahiti Women’s Forum is a green event : Carbon offsetting of the event, local catering sourcing Tahitian’s products and limited paper prints.

*The Forum does not cover travel and accommodation expenses.


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