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Mobile networks: The Pacific leads the way to 4.5G

The first countries in the world to try out the new standard for ultra high speed mobile internet are all in the Pacific. Queenstown in New Zealand just entered the very small club of cities with maximal mobile speed, joining Vancouver in Canada and Sydney in Australia.

4.5G is also named “LTE Advanced Pro” or 4GX in Australia. With theoretical speeds of up to 1Gbs in mobile download (half that in practice), it will provide the bandwidth necessary for our new mobile addictions. Mobile videos in 4K, virtual reality, the connected cars, fridges and pets… It will cover all the bandwidth needs that you don’t yet know you’ll have.

As a sign to the high tech mindset of the Pacificans, all of the first adopters of the technology have a coast with our Ocean. Hong Kong, Vancouver, Sydney and now Queenstown have been set up for 4.5G by their various telecommunications companies. Surprisingly, California is lagging behind, having recently adopted 4G+, which is just slightly older and slower than 4.5G (I hope you’re following).

Anyway, don’t grow too attached to these new technologies. It will bring better speed for 4G devices, but the first smartphones able to really use them to their full potential are coming up next year. By then, we will be 2 years away from 5G…


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