Hundreds of sharks feast on a giant shoal of fish [VIDEO]

This quite extraordinary natural event was filmed and photographed by Sean Scott, a landscape photographer who was filming with a drone a group of people swimming. Several sharks are then seen getting real close to them but avoiding them at the last moment.

The scene was occurring in Red Bluff, West Australia just a few days ago.

Then, what happened to finally be a large pack of hundreds of sharks began to converge and feast on a huge shoal of small fishes, looking from the drone’s view like living black ink evolving underwater, a few feet only from the shore.

While Sean was shooting the video, his wife was taking a few pictures showing the frenzy of the predators, getting real close to the shore, sometimes at the risk of being beached.

Scott shared on facebook : “Sneak Peak. I got to witness something pretty incredible last week in @westernaustralia and I’m still going through all the footage. I’ll be releasing something in the next week but I can let you know it involved over 200 hundred sharks close to the shore in one of the most breath taking moments of nature I have ever seen. My whole family were in awe and we camped out right on the beach and got to watch the show over 3 days… ”

What we found the more extraordinary is how this rather violent event of feeding and preying looks, from the sky, as fluid and harmonious as a mesmerizing ballet.



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