Moko Guitar

Handmade Polynesian tattoo guitar designs

The maori artist Hiwirori creates hand painted and decorated guitars, mixing his own style with traditional maori designs. Some of his creations are just gorgeous, as a look at the Facebook page of his MOKO Guitars collection will attest. In maori, Moko means tattoo, but Hiwirori introduces colors and painting designs as well:

Moko Guitar Moko Guitar Moko Guitar Moko Guitar

Of course, everywhere around the Polynesian triangle, tattoo is a central part of culture, and many artists created their own versions of Moko, Tatau or Kakau guitar. Among many exemples, this entirely homemade guitar, using New Zealand wood and traditional maori tattoo designs, was shared by Aroha Tamihana:

Mako guitar

All these tattooed guitars are real works of art, but sometimes end up quite expensive when a professional artist signs it. If you want one but don’t have the money, you may try to get one offered to you… Or one made for you! I am lucky that my sister, in a spit of boredom and homesickness in Paris, tattooed the guitar I lent her with some of her designs, with Tahitian Tatau inspiration. When she asked for permission, the only thing I asked was that she film the process:

3 thoughts on “Handmade Polynesian tattoo guitar designs

  1. Hi does the ink eventually fade?
    Also can you please give me a list of your guitars for sale and prices. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi I have written to you already and would love to know how much for each guitar with the Pacific design please and how much to ship to Perth Australia thanks ? It’s for my grandsons 21st birthday 24 th August coming up soon. Thanks

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