Fantastic creations by Tongan fashion designers

For the 2017 Miss Heilala Pageant, in Nuku’alofa, Tonga, the 16 aspiring beauty queens wore “unique island creations made from local materials, including coconut shells and fibre, dry and green coconut leaves, tapa cloth, fine woven mats, pandanus and shiny sea shells” explains Matangi Tonga Online, an information website covering the event.

An account of the evening and a lot of pictures of the creations are available on this Matangi Tonga Online page.

According to the Tongan journalist, the very creative dresses made a much more favorable impression than the sarongs (pareo) and swimsuits presentations, and these pictures explain why :

Miss Tonga Tourism (credit:
Miss Tuitui Fashion (credit:
Miss Bou’s Sports (credit:
Miss Mate Ma’a Tonga (credit:
Miss Taina’s Place (credit:


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