Drink in edible coffee cups with Air New Zealand

How about eating your coffee cup after you finished your beverage, instead of throwing one more garbage away… You don’t like the idea? But what if… your cup was a vanilla-flavored biscuit!

This is exactly the idea being tested right now by Air New Zealand, in an effort to reduce it’s waste. Customers in flight and on the ground are being served their hot beverage and desserts in the leakproof treat.

This innovation created by the Kiwi company Twiice and is a big hit with the clientele, according to Air New Zealand customer experience manager Niki Chave cited by stuff.co.nz.

Air New Zealand uses 15 million cups every year, 8 million of which to serve coffee. It already uses plant-based, biodegradable cups to reduce its environmental impact, but the new move could eliminate this waste completely, while providing a fun experience for travelers.

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