Changing The World With A Little Kindness

Peter Sharp is quite a very strange fellow, indeed. Strange, because when you see him putting on the show with ease and conviction during the TedX Perth in Australia in novembre 2015, you get to find him a little eccentric in the first place. But it’s worth it: his message is like a small island of light in a ocean of pessimism. By the way, he isn’t just a talker. He acts, he experiments and the results are extraordinary… Judge by yourself:

The blind trust experiment…

At 21, while Peter Sharp was a young accountant student from Perth Australia. During a travel in Spain, he realized, like many of us do, that the medias usually focus on the dark side of human nature & negative events, leaving, in general, a very small “fluffly” space to the good news, to the facts that happen in day to day life, the ones that prove that, yes, human nature also has a bright side. People do have, deep inside, the desire to connect and care for their human brethren. Instead of getting angry about this, he decided to create his own story.

With a few friends, he organized an “blind trust experiment” on a very busy public plazza. He took the principal role, standing with his arms stretched out open. His eyes were blindfolded, and a sign was placed at his feet, inviting the passers-by for a hug. The sign displayed this message:  “Confio en ti… ¿ Confias en mi ?!? Dame un abrazo” , meaning “I trust you… Do you trust me? Lets hug!” After a few minutes, the first intrigued passers-by came along, asking why he was doing this. “To help rebuild trust between people” he replied. And the hugs began and soon, a steady stream of people from all backgrounds and ages came, one after the other, all day long to share a hug.

The video of the event went totally viral, people from cities all over the world deciding to reproduce the experiment at home and putting it online. Small actions can go a very long way…

The story doesn’t end here. Since then, Peter Sharp has never stopped changing the world in his own way, inspiring people everywhere with small but powerful acts of kindness.

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