Winter in Queenstown

Mobile networks: The Pacific leads the way to 4.5G

The first countries in the world to try out the new standard for ultra high speed mobile internet are all in the Pacific. Queenstown in New Zealand just entered the very small club of cities with maximal mobile speed, joining Vancouver in Canada and Sydney in Australia. 4.5G is also named “LTE Advanced Pro” or 4GX in Australia. With theoretical speeds of up to 1Gbs … Continue reading Mobile networks: The Pacific leads the way to 4.5G

Japan’s Earliest Anime Online

The Film Center section of ¬†Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art has posted more than sixty¬†early animes on a Japanese Animated Film Classics website. The 64 animes are dated from 1917 to 1941. As you can imagine, as we get nearer to WWII, some of the animated films are war propaganda oriented. As for the earliest ones, the collection includes The Dull Sword from 1917, … Continue reading Japan’s Earliest Anime Online