Who are we

Pacificans.com is made by Jack and Taema, two Polynesians living in the center of the great Pacific Ocean, in the island of Tahiti.

We love the original and rich lifestyles that flourished for centuries in the lands and islands scattered across our huge ocean. We, “Pacificans”, are linked by the sea waves crashing on our shores. From Japan to Australia to the Latin and North American coasts, passing through Korea, Indonesia, New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Hawaii, French Polynesia, the Tongas, the Samoas, Easter Island and so many more. There is plenty of life in this vast ocean, blooming trough infinite, colorful and joyful variations. Pacificans, this is our tribute to you all: we love you and we hope you will feel our passion through this collection of posts we wrote or curated just for you. Enjoy!


(Legal stuff)

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