A Samoan farmer way of life

I like to be my own boss

Wisdom is everywhere for those who would listen. For exemple we stumbled upon an article telling the life story of Liva Atanoa, a farmer by choice in Samoa : “There are ways to earn money without leaving the house all day long, without working for someone else or sacrificing your time with the kids. People have different views on things. We have different opportunities which enable you to make some cash while your children are at school or even while they’re home” Liva tells the Samoa Observer.

Raising your kids yourself or make plenty of money to provide for them, that is a hard dilemna every parent in the world faces. But this poor farmer doesn’t complain or compromise even though he raises four children with the revenue of one farm : “Life for me and my family is simple and fine but we kind of struggle without water. We do depend on the village well for water but for the future of my children we want our own taps but we don’t have them, because the only money we have is for our basic needs.”

But for Liva, what you need to be happy is very diferent from what you crave : “Some say that life in Samoa is great while some say otherwise. But to me personally, life is all up to each person’s decision. Many people in Samoa struggle to find job to earn a living, but look, we have our land to work on and we can be our own boss by planting taro. Life is simple, all we need to do is refer to our natural resources and work hard. People shouldn’t be wasting time, do your best in whatever task you are given and continue to work hard.”

Via Samoa Observer



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