A new Maori reggae wave : “Tell Me” by Ria Hall and Che Fu

The maori singer Ria Hall is releasing her first solo album. If its first waiata (song) is any judge, it should be pretty darn good… “Tell Me ft. Che Fu” is a modern reggae as powerful as it is beautiful.

The intention of the song is clear, as the singer herself writes on her Facebook page : “With no desire to appease the musical establishment, ‘Tell Me’ speaks to the system and its oppressive behaviour. We hope it resonates with your spirit on some level.”

Powerful lyrics, interlinking percussions, the collaboration of established Aotearoa (New Zealand) singer Che-Fu and a very clean prod make for an explosive mix. Enjoy!

via  Sweet Sounz – Volume 14

and The Spinoff.co.nz

“We must speak out when the truth isn’t being heard. We must stand up in the face of oppression. We must always do what is right in honour of the greater good, if not for ourselves than for the generations to come….
It’s our obligation.”




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