14 story mural in Honolulu to welcome back Hokulea

In a small neighborhood of Honolulu, south of O’ahu island, the young local artist Kamea Hadar started a huge project to commemorate the return of Hokulea.

In Hawaii, Kamea Hadar is one of the best known street artist. For stater, he co-leads POW! WOW! Hawaii, the annual street-art festival held on the island. And he started working on a huge one month project: a huge 14 story high mural commemorating Hokulea, due back in the island in June after a very moving last stop in Tahiti and Raiatea.

Hokulea is a traditional Polynesian canoe built in 1970, invested in a new mission. It left Hawaii for Tahiti in 2014, then started a world tour that lasted 3 years, powered only by the wind and the ancient wisdom of the seafarers that crisscrossed the Pacific only 300 years ago.

This revival was used as a message for all the countries that Hokulea visited. “Mālama Honua” is the name of this voyage. Its meaning is complex, as explain these modern day adventurers: “Mālama Honua is simply translated as ‘to care for our Island Earth’, but the Hawaiian language is beautiful and complex. Mālama Honua means to take care of and protect everything that makes up our world: land, oceans, living beings, our cultures, and our communities. It means learning from the lessons of islanders to take care of your limited resources, as though you were living on a canoe in the open ocean or an island in the middle of the sea. On a canoe, water, food, plants, and other basic needs are in limited supply and are tended to with great care; so too we must tend to our resources on islands, and for all of Island Earth.”

A very powerful message indeed, that needed proper declamation for all the see. Kamea Hadar created a more reasonable mural in 2014, for the departure of Hokulea.

Via: Khon2.com


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